January 2022
TEDx Talk
TEDx Elizabeth Tran

Elizabeth Tran was a speaker at TEDxEustis sharing how she turns trash into fashion. Listen to the talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtdqSsH0w2I&t=37s

February 2022
Causeway Cleanup

Clean Miami Beach and Debris Free Ocean hosted a beach clean up at Julia Tuttle Causeway which ended with an eco-friendly event at Soho Beach House!

April 2022
Helping Hand Community's Parade of Nations

The Teens Go Green board supported Helping Hand Community's International Night fundraiser by raising over $3,000 and providing over 300 toys for foster kids

The Legacy Closet Distribution

The Legacy Closet hosted a mass distribution event for families in need. The provided clothes, furniture, fresh produce, and many more donations to support the Miami homeless.

Safari and Scales Podcast

Elizabeth Tran was a guest on the Safari and Scales podcast, discussing minimal waste and how to be mindful of it in reptile conservation and education