January 2020
Miss Florida USA Garbage Gown

Elizabeth Tran was the first pageant contestant to wear a gown made completely out of garbage. She used foam packaging, old flyers, and CDs to put it together.

March 2020
Modeling Sea Jasper's Upcycled Dress

Sea Jasper is a local Miami designer that is most notable for sustainable fashions made with hand-woven shirts that were naturally dyed.

Miami Beach Compost

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens has  a compost hub available for residents to discard their fruit and vegetable scraps as well as egg shells. Elizabeth was able to cut much of her trash inventory after dropping her food scraps there.

April 2020
Central Florida Virtual Earth Day Fashion Show

Teens Go Green hosted a virtual earth day fashion show with pictures of Earth Day over the last ten years!

July 2020
#KeepMBClean Campaign

Walked around Miami Beach with signs making sure people do not litter the area and take their garbage to the trash cans. One of the most essential steps of waste management is making sure the trash is in the proper place, and then recycling.


August 2020
UMiami ECO Alumni Meeting

The University of Miami's Environmental Branch of Student Government hosted a meeting with alumni and former ECO members to discuss initiatives and new ideas that could be set more sustainably on campus.

Elizabeth and Trash Fashion on Oneness Magazine

Elizabeth was honored to be on the cover of Oneness Magazine in her trash fashion gown discussing garbage fashion. You can read more on the issue here: 

September 2020
She Believed She Could Podcast

Elizabeth shared the story of Teens Go Green with her mentor and role model, Allison Walsh's podcast She Believed She Could with their Savvy Girl Series. Learn more here: 

ECO CHIC Podcast

Elizabeth did an interview with Eco Chic to discuss her experience with trash fashion and how she built Teens Go Green

Save Biscayne Bay

Clean Miami Beach hosted a beach clean up to remove the fish that were killed by the algae blooms in Biscayne Bay. The Board of County Commissioners have agreed to have a Chief Bay Officer responsible for managing the bay.

October 2020
Pageant Clothing Swap

Rosanna Tran hosted a pageant Buy / Trade / Sell Clothing shop to raise money for the Orlando Women's Shelter and give pageant girls a more sustainable and affordable option.

November 2020
McArthur Causeway Cleanup

Clean Miami Beach hosted a clean up in McArthur Causeway that had over 170 pounds of garbage mostly consisting of microplastics.