TEDxEustis Trash Fashion

TEDx Elizabeth Tran

Elizabeth Tran speaks at TEDxEustis on Trash Fashion Elizabeth was selected as a TEDx speaker and shares her story on sustainability, pageantry, and how she turns trash into fashion. Watch the YouTube video above.

How a Trash Gown Lead my Family on TLC

TLC So Freakin Cheap Trash Fashion Charisma Tran

How a Pageant Garbage Gown Lead me on TLC Furniture packaging dress. This was the dress I wore at Miss Florida, USA. It was first, the evening gown i wore at Miss Florida, USA, 2019, and then it was repurposed into an opening number dress for the following years pageant. It’s not exactly a bubble wrap. […]

Trash Fashion Miss Florida USA

CD Garbage Gown by Elizabeth Tran and Susan Tailors at Miss Florida USA

Why I made my Miss Florida USA gown out of garbage? Competing at Miss Florida USA had been a huge dream of mine that I had to fight myself to do. I was extremely intimidated to compete. The first year I did it, I was lost. I took a gap year off my college and […]

Teens Go Green Global now a 501(c)3

Thank you DLT Law

We are so excited Teens Go Green is now a legally operating 501(c) non-profit organization! Teens Go Green started as a group of volunteers in 2008. Now in 2021, we are excited to welcome a new generation of Teens Go Green members who started out as young volunteers and are now putting together the events. […]

The Journey to Trash Fashion

My Journey Into Trash Fashion Previous Next I started Teens Go Green in 2008 to promote minimal waste after passing by one of the highest points in South Florida, known as “Mount Trashmore.”   Over the years, I’ve done volunteer service events, speaking engagements, and fundraisers. But I’ve been most known for hosting trash fashion […]

Central Florida Earth Day

trash fashion

Central Florida Earth Day and Veg Fest One of the first events I attended on behalf of Teens Go Green was Central Florida Earth Day in 2009. I was Miss Central Florida’s Outstanding Teen then, and my mom helped me make a trifold board that shared what Teens Go Green was about. We had a […]

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and GreenWorks Orlando

Buddy Dyer GreenWorks Teens Go Green Elizabeth Tran

When I started Teens Go Green in 2008, one of the first things I did was meet my city’s mayor, Buddy Dyer, as I found out he had a program called GreenWorks Orlando. I wore a shirt made of organic bamboo as I thought that would be fitting for the occasion, and made the pledge […]

Flying isn’t Eco, but here’s how we can try

flying eco

How to Make Flying Just a Little More Sustainable One of the worst ways to impact the environment is flying. The amount of waste, carbon emissions, and energy consumed is enormous. Despite the amount of sustainable efforts I make as an eco-conscious millennial, I know it does not make up for my flights. It’s so […]

Earth Day should be Every Day

Everyday Should Be Earth Day I love seeing how this week is FILLED with different eco-events. Clean-ups, educational workshops, eco-festivals, etc. Tons of places are also having eco events in honor of Earth Day. It reminds me of Fashion Week when all these events come together at the same time, but with the earth.   […]

First time at a Container-Less Refillable Store

Verde – Refill Store Shopping Haul I remember whenever I would go to Wynwood I would pass by a store called Verde, and the sign showed some elements of sustainability so it caught my eye. I looked it up online and it was actually a refillable store, but I didn’t know what to expect as […]