Everyday Should Be Earth Day

I love seeing how this week is FILLED with different eco-events. Clean-ups, educational workshops, eco-festivals, etc. Tons of places are also having eco events in honor of Earth Day. It reminds me of Fashion Week when all these events come together at the same time, but with the earth.



The problem is, people don’t coordinate so many of these events collide. A clean-up is the same day and time as a garden workshop, and you have to decide between one of them. If I could I would do all of them, but it’s too much going on.



Of course I would never want to discourage someone from doing it, rather I wish I could encourage companies to host sustainable events spreaded out through the year. It doesn’t need to be earth day for me to show up to your clean event.



It is not like Miami Music Week and Ultra where it is because we are all in a particular location now we have to do everything then. We have all the resources we need to be sustainable ANY time, and anywhere! That’s the beauty of sustainability, we do not need to create some sort of hype about it because anyone can do it.



Teens Go Green’s favorite motto is, “No one person can do it alone but if we each follow our own hearts and inclinations, we will find it is the little things we do that create a sustainable environment and healthy future.”



Sorry, I know this rant is rather unnecessary, I just wish I could go to every event possible and I feel bad when I have to turn things down.

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