How a Pageant Garbage Gown Lead me on TLC

Furniture packaging dress. This was the dress I wore at Miss Florida, USA. It was first, the evening gown i wore at Miss Florida, USA, 2019, and then it was repurposed into an opening number dress for the following years pageant. It’s not exactly a bubble wrap. It’s the material that’s used to cover couches or bunk beds or any furniture you would see in IKEA, or like in moving places to protect the furniture and not have it damaged not a truck or when moving. I love the material because it looks very soft, and much like actual gown fabric. It flows very well, and is light and fluffy. And it’s very easy to put on the dress, because you just need to. The only con is that it is very delicate, so you must be careful not to have it around too many people or pointy high heels. The top part of the dress is actually paper machine. At the time, we had a Costco display that held a swimsuit. It was almost like a plastic hanger mold. That was a woman’s body, but it wasn’t the size of my body. Once the paper machine was complete. We used old glue. Salt paper. We’ve been bent it around so that it could fit my body more on the back.

We braided laundry fabric softeners sheets and white plastic bags. To me the string of the top, the bottom skirt is also paper mushy. With the furniture wrap overlaying it so that it has the fluffy material that furniture wrap was also placed on the top diagonally, of my paper machine top so it can all blend in with the trust, the most important piece is the CD part in the middle. Now my family had a lot of CDs for two reasons. We loved playing music in the car, when we were younger, and I was not talented in my four pageants, but we use CDs to burn songs and music for me to practice my talent in the car. Now with technology we use YouTube premium, we don’t really mean CDs. So we’ve now turned them into really pretty jewelry pieces, like the middle part of this dress. The following year, I needed to wear a white and gold opening number outfit. I wasn’t sure what kind of dress would be my style. And then I realized, I still had my gown from last year. In this case, I decided to cut off the floor length parts of my gown, and figure out where to put it on the dress, I noticed the top had what seems kind of like a
tea stain. So I wanted to cover it. And then to have the gold pieces. We had some chocolate for
over Shea
wrappers that were left over, my mom and sister came up with the idea of pressing them on to dumpling wrappers. So then they made these really pretty bold leaves that we could place around the dress. I then brought it over to my favorite seamstress, Susan Taylor’s ven realized she had some extra trim from a friend’s closet, and she wanted to use it to add a little embellishment to the dress all together I think it was one of my favorite cocktail dresses, and it’s super easy to put on. Another important point is that the skirt was enclosed by Velcro, Velcro is probably the best thing to use for trough fashion, because you can fit it to all sizes and it’s very easy to stick on to those materials without having to go through any sort of sewing. I really liked both dresses. I do wish in the future, I had a mannequin of my own, or my own body for the paper machine top. But aside from that, I was very pleased.

This year at Miss Florida USA, I made my city costume, evening gown, and opening dance number outfit out of my trash inventory. This brought more attention to minimal waste and in my community of Miami Beach, the importance of Saving Biscayne Bay.

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