Central Florida Earth Day and Veg Fest

One of the first events I attended on behalf of Teens Go Green was Central Florida Earth Day in 2009. I was Miss Central Florida’s Outstanding Teen then, and my mom helped me make a trifold board that shared what Teens Go Green was about. We had a table in the kids zone, and visitors would come by asking me who I am and what I do.

That was actually one of the first ways I broke out of my shell and became better at interviews. I spoke to many strangers about Teens Go Green and why I was doing it. We also had some eco bubbles and games people would play to win some toys made of soda can. They simply had to toss a paper ball into a half cut water bottle, but only one person succeeded. The money raised went to Give Kids the World.

I was also honored to be a panelist at their speaking events throughout. I mainly spoke about how young people can be more involved in environmental efforts. I was honored to share a panel with one of my biggest inspirations in sustainability, Chris Castro, and advocate on incorporating environmentalism to other service projects. 

We went every year from then on and then started to host trash fashion shows. It was always a highlight event for the festival, so they always wanted us to do it. 

We set up a tent, green carpet, and Teens Go Green sign. Volunteer models would come and wear the outfits we would show as they walked down the green carpet. Afterwards kid audience members could start making outfits of their own and they all would win trophies that we refurbished from past pageant girls. 

With the trash fashion show being a success, we then started hosting more in other earth festivals like Central Florida Veg Fest and Mount Dora Earth Day.

Honestly as a fashion show I first thought it was lame because models would show up walking around a park. But the outfits were so different to them and the cause to recognize how much waste we collect overtime made it a great experience.


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