Why the Reusable Water Bottle Reigns Supreme

reusable bottle

As you may have seen in my last post, recycling should be the last environmentally efficient action to take place, under reusing and reducing. So of course I prefer a reusable water bottle over plastic. After I got my boyfriend into doing it, I’ve also been able to see some other benefits outside of it.

Disclaimer: it is important to note that this post applies to areas that have regulated and safe drinking tap water. Furthermore, it is advised to get a metal reusable bottle with a handle so it’s not so difficult to lose

1. Reduces Plastic Waste

This was the initial and most obvious reason why I got a reusable bottle. Although plastic bottles can be recycled, factories will still continue to produce copious amounts of plastic. They are extremely difficult to break down, and the chemicals and plastics collected pollute the land and sea everywhere. Sometimes plastic packaging cannot be avoided, like medical items to keep sanitized. We have so much plastic used that is necessary, we should make a conscious effort to eliminate unnecessary plastics.

2. It’s easier to remember

I remember waiting backstage before a fashion show, the designer brought water bottles for all the models. Throughout the wait, most models drank only two sips, and left the bottles somewhere they later forgot. So when the show was over, there was ten half full water bottles that had to thrown away, a waste of plastic and water! Another instance my brother and boyfriend each had their own plastic bottle. When we all went shopping, my boyfriend constantly thought my brother was carrying his water bottle, when in reality he left it in the car (side note-the plastics in a water bottle are dangerous if left in the heat or reused!) My brother also left his bottle in two different shops. I’m not saying you can’t lose reusable bottles too. Heck, if you lose reusable bottles as much as plastic ones you may be better off with plastic, because that’s more material. BUT reusable bottles are heavier and a distinct color, which is easier to remember. Get one with a handle too to carry much easier.

3. It keeps your water cold or hot

This is a huge reason why I choose the reusable bottle over the one-time plastic ones. I remember going to Disney World on a very hot, Floridian day and the best thing I had with me was my cold water. I actually just left ice in my bottle and it stayed so cold it was still ice after a few hours. I would fill up at water fountains and enjoy cold water more conveniently then waiting in line to buy overpriced water bottle or get tap water from disposable cups. Same with keeping things hot, it’s wonderful to have tea inside the bottle on a cold day, because there is a long lasting source of heat you can rely on.

4. You drink more water

How many of us actually remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day? We get so caught up with everything else going on, out of sight out of mind we forget or neglect to drink the recommended amount. However, when I have a water bottle on me, I am more inclined to fill it up and when its in my hands or vision to take a sip. It’s like eating at a restaurant and getting the glass filled up, because the glass is there waiting for you to drink it. I just came back from the Grand Canyon, and they had water filling stations with their springs everywhere, compared to plastic bottles for sale.

5. You save tons of money

In developed economies, clean drinking water is abundant. Water fountains are walking distance, tap water is safe and verified by environmental agencies, and all of it is accessible to the public, i.e. free. There is no need to buy cases of water bottles weekly when you can just get free water. Like most environmental activities, these are long term investments that will save more money in the future.

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