By Elizabeth Tran

Love Letters Cares was one of the very first organizations I volunteered for. It was created by one of my biggest inspirations growing up in pageants, Kaitlyn Chana. Kaitlyn was tall, smart, well-spoken, and started her own non-profit organization that was very inspiring. She made cards for kids in the hospital that were positive and uplifting, and created a network of people to do the same nationwide.

One of my very first projects with Teens Go Green was creating cards for Love Letters. In 2008, would set up a table at events like the Asian Cultural Festival or speak at my younger brother’s Boy Scout troop where afterwards we would all create cards together. 

Even when my friends were at family gatherings, it was a fun time to bond and give back to the community. While Love Letters is not continuing anymore now, I will never forget the impact it had in my passion for charity and how it inspired me to make Teens Go Green a better non-profit organization.

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